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  • Fells Point Privateer Festival

Fells Point Privateer Festival

These days, raucous pirate festivals of one kind or another are held all over the place, including communities without any piracy in their past. Here in Baltimore, however, we come by our fantastic Fells Point Privateer Festival honestly!

Fells Point, after all, has a deep and colorful maritime history, and during the War of 1812 its shipyards served a whole cadre of privateers doing their part to combat the British. In fact, among the War’s better-known privateer clippers, the Chasseur (aka “the Pride of Baltimore”), helmed by the audacious Captain Thomas Boyle, set sail from Fells Point.

Sea Shanties to Sea Battles

The Privateer Festival celebrates that dramatic heritage with some living-history-style performances, lots of costumes, and—most importantly—a huge helping of fun. There are reenacted sea battles starring authentic replica schooners, history tours and cruises, special activities for the kids, and hearty-voiced performers spouting classic sea shanties from the stage.

If those salty songs aren’t enough to get you in the spirit of things, how about the “Pyrate Invasion” pub crawl and the good cheer going down in the Grog Garden? Throw in a slew of food and craft vendors, and you’ve got the makings of one of Baltimore’s liveliest annual traditions!

Affordable Hotel Accommodations for the Fells Point Privateer Festival

Ready to join the scalawag crew at the Fells Point Privateer Festival? We can’t say we blame you, ye’ old seadog, you! Don’t settle for any grimy ship’s quarters for the festivities, though: Take advantage of our conveniently located and amenity-rich Baltimore hotel here at the Holiday Inn Express Baltimore at the Stadiums! Not far from downtown, we're also a mere doubloon's toss from Fells Point.

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